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Project Management

Project Management

Project Manager

Project management made easy

Pluggedspace is a Project Manager that helps you get more done with less. Work smarter. Plan and relax thanks to excellent Project Management.

Features section:

  • Get started in a few clicks

We offer a streamlined process to start your project.

We initiate, recruit, set timelines, manage the budget, and monitor and communicate project performance- all in a few clicks.

  • Get work done faster with Pluggedspace

With Pluggedspace on your side, you can easily track tasks and progress, keep track of the budget, and stay in touch with stakeholders for updates.

  • No more stress!

Pluggedspace allows you to see what’s going on at a glance with its real-time updates and notifications. This means less stress and more peace of mind for everyone on your team.

  • Resource management made easy

We also offer a resource manager that lets you assign resources to projects, track their availability and manage their workloads.

  • Reporting made easy

We offer detailed reports for every aspect of your business – from project status reports to resource utilization reports. These reports are available for download or in an interactive format (tableau).

We’ve got you covered


The power of Pluggedspace

Pluggedspace is a flexible solution for all types of projects, from small, personal ones to large, corporate ones. It’s also a productivity and time management tool, with features like task lists, to-do lists, reminders, notifications and goal tracking. that can help you keep on top of it all.